What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization that we also know by the name of SEO in the short term is the Process of Optimizing the web pages of our website. By the word Optimizing it means that you have to make your web page easy for Google to crawl and index. so whenever anyone searches any query related to your website, Google can show your web page in the Google search results.

For Example, You search ‘How to do Facebook Marketing’ then Google will show the best results on the first page related to your query “How to do Facebook Marketing”. If you optimize your web pages in a good way only then your website will be shown on the first page.

Research says fewer than 10% percent of people will actually ever click on the next page.

Basically, search engine optimization is divided into 3 parts – Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, and technical SEO. We have to focus on all three parts if we want to rank in search engines.

How Google and other search engines Works?

Before understanding how Google ranks Web Pages on the First Page you need to understand how Google works, how google search sites. Whenever you create a website you need to submit your website in Google search console. After you submit your website in the search console then Google Crawlers come to your website and check all pages of your websites. After crawling Google indexed all the web pages of your websites in Google database so whenever anyone searches any query if it is related to the content of your page then google shows your page in search results.

How Google Ranks Web Pages on the First Page?

Before getting into it you need to clear one thing in your mind that google never ranks a website. Google always ranks web pages. One of the major factors Google sees when it ranks web pages on the first page is the relevancy. If a person searches any query on google a page that has the most relevant content regarding that query then there are most likely the chances that Google will rank that page.

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