Tips & Tricks for Successful Facebook Ads

tips for successful facebook ads

In this article, we will discuss the things we need to focus on to create a successful Facebook ad. The most common mistakes people do are that they just go to their Facebook ads manager and start creating ads. But before creating an advertisement, it is important to understand how any ad becomes successful and how any ad becomes unsuccessful.

The 5 most important things you need to focus on are Funnels, Audience Targeting, Ad Copy/Video script, Landing Pages, and the last one is Offer.

1. Funnel

Funnel is a strategy or we can say it is a path of the various steps that customers follow until they become your lead. It enables you to monitor your customer each action and give you a clear idea of how the lead interacts with your business.

Example of a lead magnet funnel:

Step 1 – In the first step, users see your ad.

Step 2 – In the 2nd step, users click on your ad.

Step 3 – After clicking they land on the landing page of your website.

Step 4 – In the 4th step, you offer them some Free eBooks, Video series, Free checklists, etc.

Step 5 – For downloading an eBook they need to fill in the contact information in the lead form and after submitting the information they can download their free eBook.

Step 6 – After download, they land on the thank you page of your website.

2. Audience Targeting

Audience targeting plays a crucial role in deciding whether your ad will be successful or unsuccessful. If you choose the wrong audience then all your efforts will go in vain.

Within Facebook, you get a lot of options, with the help of which you can target the right audience for your ads. You can target your audience according to Age, Interests, Job Profile, Recent Activity, Location, Behaviour, and many more options available there.

3. Ad Copy

Mostly Facebook Advertisers only focus on their ads funnel, Audience, and landing page but they forget about the Ad Copy. But, in reality, Ad Copy plays a very vital role in any advertisement. We only focus on making the design of our creative attractive but just making the design attractive will not work. You should also know how to write an attractive Ad copy for your ads like Primary text, Headline, and Description.

4. Landing Page

After clicking on your advertisement, the page of the website that the user lands on is called the landing page. It differs from the normal pages of the website. While creating a landing page, we have to keep in mind that we never provide navigation menu inside it.

The biggest reason for not giving the navigation menu is that we do not want to confuse our users. You have to keep in mind that the load time speed of your landing page must be fast otherwise the user can return from your page.

5. Offer

Offers play a very major role in any ad success. Whether your ad copy is bad or your landing page is bad, but if your offer is good, then you can create a successful ad. But if your landing page, ad copy, and targeting all are good but the offer is bad then you cannot create a successful Facebook ad. There are various types of offers like Free trials, Discounts, Bonuses etc.

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