ADMP Mission & Vision.

According to the International Labour Organsiation (ILO) – a United Nations agency, unemployment is rising in India and the unemployment rate in the country [India] will stand at 3.5 percent in 2018 and 2019 – the same level of unemployment seen in 2017 and 2016. India’s Unemployment rate rose to 7.78% in February, the highest since October 2019.

ADMP is on mission to help to build a community in which unemployed work seekers can develop their potential and are able to find and get potential jobs in this Digital world. Our Mission is to develop skilled people, we would like to empower all age group people, socially, economically. With the best digital marketing courses, one can make themselves Job ready.

ADMP fighting against unemployment problems in India. The biggest contributing factor to growing income disparities is, without doubt, joblessness. Unemployment is a global problem, with more than 73 million youth unemployed worldwide. In India, the unemployment rate among youth is almost 13 percent (compared to 4.9 percent overall). Under employment is even higher. Given the kind of occasions accessible in the country, it is disheartening to note these dismal figures. The missing link here is skill development which is the key ingredient to robust economic growth.

India needs to exterminate the problem of unemployment soon, and that can only be done through skill development.

How to create more employment?

The only solution for this unemployment in India is Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. There will be 1.5 lakh digital marketing jobs in India in 2021. ADMP is providing training to fulfill the requirements of the job demand and trying to solve the unemployment issues in India.

What is the minimum required qualification to enroll in Digital Marketing Certification Course?

Digital Marketing as such requires no minimum qualification. Mostly, it requires only the basic compurter and internet surfing skills.

Career Options After Digital Marketing with ADMP

Affiliate Marketer.




Web Designer

SEO Specialist

Start your own digital agency.

Grow your existing business.

Social Media Marketing Agency.

SEO Consultants.

SEO agency owner.

Local SEO Specialist.

Backlink Builder.

Digital Account Manager.

PPC Consultant.

Paid Advertising Specialist.

PPC Manager.

Social Media Consultant.