Social Media Marketing (SMM)

➢ What is social media?
➢ What is Social Media?
➢ What is Social Media Optimization?
➢ Difference b/w SMO and SMM?
➢ How to Create Professional Profile Pages in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and
➢ Which Business page is more beneficial for Business Branding?
➢ Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms & psychology
➢ How social media marketing is different than others
➢ Forms of Internet marketing
➢ Facebook marketing
• Understanding Facebook marketing
• How to start business branding in FB?
• Type of Promotion in FB?
• Facebook Camping Creation, Promotion with target audience and monitoring
• Practical session 1
Creating Facebook page
Uploading contacts for invitation
Exercise on fan page wall posting

➢ Increasing fans on fan page
➢ How to do marketing on fan page (with examples)
➢ Fan engagement
➢ Important apps to do fan page marketing
➢ Facebook advertising
➢ Types of Facebook advertising
➢ Best practices for Facebook advertising
➢ Understanding facebook best practices
➢ Understanding edgerank and art of engagement
➢ Practical Session 2
• Creating Facebook advertising campaign
• Targeting in ad campaign
• Payment module- CPC vs CPM vs CPA
• Setting up conversion tracking
• Using power editor tool for adv.

• Advance Facebook advertising using tools
• ROI Calculation in FB Advertisement
➢ Linkedin Marketing
• What is linkedIn?
• Understanding LinkedIn
• Company profile vs Individual profiles
• Understanding Linkedin groups
• How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups
• Linkedin advertising & it best practices
• Increasing ROI form linkedIn ads
• Linkedin publishing
• Company pages
• Adv on linked In

• Display vs text
➢ Twitter Marketing
• Understanding Twitter
• Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
• How to do marketing on Twitter
• Black hat techniques of twitter marketing
• Advertising on Twitter
• Creating campaigns
• Types of ads
• Tools for twitter marketing
• Twitter Advertising
• Twitter Cards