Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

➢ What is search engine?
➢ List of search engines
➢ How search engine works
➢ Search engine’s searching policies
➢ Difference between global and local search engine
➢ What is website and how to optimize your website for search engine?
➢ Difference between static website and dynamic website
➢ How to get rank your website in search engine?
➢ Why SEO is beneficial for every websites?
➢ Types of SEO (On page and off page optimization)
➢ Technique of SEO (White hat and Black hat Technique)
➢ Difference b/w Do Follow and No Follow Links
➢ Keywords Research Techniques
➢ What is SEO?
➢ Introduction to SERP
➢ Major functions of a search engine
➢ What are keywords?
➢ Different types of keywords
➢ Google keyword planner tool
➢ Keywords research process
➢ Understanding keywords mix
➢ Google Operator : So that you can find anything on the web
➢ On page optimization
• What are primary keywords, secondary keyword and tertiary keywords?
• Keywords optimization
• Content optimization & planning
• Understanding Your audience for content planning
• What is the difference between keywords stuffing & keyword placement
• Internal linking
• Meta tags creation
• Creating Webpage in HTML
• Using google webmasters tool & website verification
• Sitemap creation & submission in website & webmasters
• How to write an optimized content
• How to write a content for article, blog and press release
• Create unique, accurate page titles
• Make use of the “description” Meta tag

• Types of Meta tags and its benefits
• Improving Site Structure
• Improve the structure of your URLs
• Make your site easier to navigate
• Optimizing Content (Keyword Density)
• Offer quality content and services
• Write better anchor text
• Optimize your use of images (alt and title tag image optimization)
• Use heading tags appropriately (H1)
• How H1, H2 … H6 tags help to boost website in search engine

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• What is Crawler and how Crawlers works (Basic knowledge of indexing, fetching and
• Google Algorithm (penguin, panda and other google updates)
• What is robots.txt file and How to make effective use of robots.txt?
• What is sitemap, type of sitemap and How to make effective use of sitemap?
• How to make image sitemap for better image indexing
• Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links
• Be aware of rel=”canonical” for links
• Google and Bing Analytics and webmaster API integration
• Google Tag Manager API integration
• Basic knowledge of Alexa
• Familiar with MOZ and its update
• What is DA and PA, and how to increase DA and PA?

• What is EMD, Benefits and guidelines?
• Multilevel language website guidelines and benefits
• SEO for Mobile Phones (Mobile Phone website management technique)
• Notify Google of mobile sites
• Guide mobile users accurately
• Analyse your site performance
• Google Page Speed tools analyse and optimize
• Difference b/w mobilized website, responsive website and mobile app
• What is Clocking and difference b/w Clocking and Doorway Pages?
• RSS Feed
• 301 Redirection, difference b/w 301 and 302 redirection
• Difference b/w inbound and out bound links
• Effect of Hidden text or links in webpages
• Broken Links
• Google Local Business Listing
➢ Off Page optimization
• What is domain authority?
• How to increase Domain authority
• What are back links?
• Types of back links
• What is link building?
• Types of link building
• Do’s and Dont’s of link building
• Link building strategies for your business
• Easy link acquisition techniques
• What is backlinks?
• Why we are creating backlinks for website boost?
• What is quality backlinks, effect of backlinks for website?
• How to create backlinks
• Off page optimization Activities
• Guest Blogging

• PR Submission
• Article Submission
• Blog posting
• Bookmarking Submission

• Directory Submission
• Business Listing
• Classified Submission
• Q/A
• Profile Creation
• Blog commenting
• Forum Posting
• News Posting
• PPT Submission
• PDF Submission
• Video Submission
• Image Submission
➢ Local SEO
• Google places optimization
• Classified submissions
• Using H card
• Citation
➢ Top tools for SEO
➢ Monitoring SEO process
➢ Preparing SEO reports
➢ How to create SEO Strategy for your business
➢ What is link juice?
➢ Importance of domain and page authority
➢ How to optimize exact keywords for your business
➢ What is Google Panda Algorithm?
➢ What is Google Penguin?
➢ What is Google EMD Update?
➢ How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update
➢ How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD