Professional Email Marketing

➢ What is E-mail & How it Works?
➢ What is E-mail Marketing & It’s advantages
➢ Challenges faced in sending bulk e-mails
➢ How to overcome to these challenges
➢ Types of Email Marketing
• Opt-in
• Bulk Emailing
➢ What is Opt-in Email Marketing
➢ Setting up Email Marketing Account
➢ Best Platforms to do opt-in email marketing
➢ Setting up lists & Web form
➢ Creating a broadcast email
➢ What are auto responders
➢ Setting up auto responders
➢ How to do bulk emailing
➢ Best examples to send bulk emails
➢ Tricks to land in Inbox instead of Spam Folder
➢ Top email marketing software’s & a glimpse of how to use them
➢ Improving ROI with A/B Testing