Google Analytics

➢ What is Google Analytics?
➢ How and why we integrate Google Analytics API in website?
➢ Live Overview on Real time visitor tracking
➢ Audience tracking and monitoring management
➢ Analytics Acquisition Report Tracking and monitoring
➢ Difference b/w session and users in Google analytics
➢ What is bounce rate, Effect of bounce rate in website?
➢ How to setup goal in goggle analytics
➢ Monitor goals in different views
➢ What is Funnel Visualization?
➢ How to make custom report in Google analytics
➢ How to link Google analytics to Google AdSense, AdWords and Search CONSOL?
➢ How Google analytics works
➢ Understanding Google analytics account structure
➢ Understanding Google analytics insights
➢ Understanding cookie tracking
➢ Types of cookie tracking used by Google analytics
➢ Starting with Google analytics
➢ How to set up analytics account
➢ How to add analytics code in website
➢ Understanding goals and conversions
➢ Understanding different types of goals
➢ Difference between exit rate & bounce rate
➢ How to reduce bounce rate
➢ How to set up funnels in goals
➢ Importance of funnels
➢ How to integrate adwords and analytics account
➢ Benefits of integrating adwords & analytics
➢ Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via
➢ Google analytics
➢ What is link tagging
➢ How to set up link tagging
➢ Understanding filters & segments
➢ How to set up filters & segments
➢ How to view customized reports
➢ Monitoring traffic sources
➢ Monitoring traffic behavior
➢ Taking corrective actions if required