Digital Marketing Overview & Fundamentals

➢ What is marketing?
➢ What is Digital Marketing?

➢ Understanding of Marketing Process.
➢ Real life experience, stats, and trends with a real example of digital marketing training
➢ The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing
➢ The key concept of digital marketing in the current era
➢ Digital Marketing Strategies
➢ Future grow of digital marketing
➢ Digital Marketing Process:-
• Increasing Visibility
What is Visibility
Types of Visibility
Examples of visibility
• Visitors Engagement
What is Engagement & its Importance
Examples of Engagement
• How to bring Targeted Traffic
• Converting Traffic into Leads
Types of Conversion
Understanding of conversion process
• Retention
Importance & Types of Retention
• Performance evolution
Importance of Performance Evolution
Required Tools

➢ How digital marketing grow your Business