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Professional Email Marketing

Professional Email Marketing referred to promote Brands & Services to targeted Customer directly sending email. At a time we can reach to more audience by Professional Email Marketing.

Online Lead Generation

Online lead generation is referred as generating Leads of prospective customer interest or inquiry into a business, products or services over the Internet. Leads may come from various sources like-over the Internet, by personal reference, by telephone, by advertisements and events

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of Digital Marketing by which a Digital Marketer can earn money by promoting products or services of other Companies over the Internet. It is a performance based Marketing in which an organization rewards financially one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer bought by affiliate’s own Marketing Efforts.

E-Commerce website

E-Commerce Business Operations refers as the processes of how commitments to customers get fulfilled by products and services. The ability to fulfill orders and having the e-operations tools in place to handle them can spell the difference between success and failure with online initiatives.

Digital Marketing automation

Digital Marketing Automation refers to the System by which an Organization or Entity can Automate respective Marketing tasks like E-mails, Social Media and other website actions to make Digital Marketing Easier.

Google Adsense & Blogging

Earning Money by a Blog or Website using Advertisement Placement Service of Google comes under the Digital Marketing term Google Adsense. Experienced Professionals of ADMP will guide aspirants in Blogging and use of Google Adsense to the Blog or Website.

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Digital Marketing

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Academy of Digital Marketing Professionals is a fast growing organization in Digital
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serve this purpose. We believe in “Revealing the Internet Secrets, so now Internet Secrets
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Digital Marketing Overview & Fundamentals

Digital Marketing is a process to promote goods and services over the internet using Digital Device. Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing, in Digital Marketing we use of channels and methods that enable us to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t typically in real time.

Introduction To Web World

E-business is the conduct of business processes on the Internet. These E-business processes buying and selling products, supplies and services, processing payments, collaborating with business partners, sharing information, running automated employee services, recruiting and more.

Creating Online Business Strategies

Online Business Strategies means overall direction to the digital marketing campaign and involves specifying the organization's objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a process to optimize a website in a search Engine to be topped in the search results. SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank a Website higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query, which helps to get more traffic on a Website from search engine.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing activity to promote Brand & Services using Social Media channels. SMM enables directly interaction to the targeted customers on Social Media. It helps to increase brand visibility and broaden customer reach in targeted Area or age group.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a way of advertising that appears on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. We can promote brand & Services as text advertisement via SMS, Banner advertisement, in downloaded apps and in mobile games.

Search Engine Advertising (Google AdWords / PPC)

Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wants to display ads in Google Search Engine’s Result. The AdWords enables businesses to set a budget for advertising in the targeted Area or age groups. Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when audience clicks on advertisement.

Online Video Marketing

To market your brand, product and services using video advertisement to the audience is known as Online Video Marketing. Online Videos Marketing is used for advertisement of Product & Services by posting a video to online platforms.

Digital Display Marketing

Digital Display Marketing is referred as online advertisement of Brand & Services in the forms of banners, Images, Audio, Video to generate traffic to your Website.

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E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

E-Commerce Marketing Strategy refers as new Marketing Strategy the for an E-Commerce website to increase traffic at your Website. These Marketing strategies should be designed according Customer’s need.

E-Commerce Business Operations

E-Commerce Business Operations refers as the processes of how commitments to customers get fulfilled by products and services. The ability to fulfill orders and having the e-operations tools in place to handle them can spell the difference between success and failure with online initiatives.

E-Commerce Analytics

E-commerce Analytics reports allow you to analyze purchase activity on your Website. You can see product details, transaction information, average order value, ecommerce conversion rate, time to purchase, number of Orders etc.

Online Reputation Management / Brand Management

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of making marketing & Promotional strategies that shape or influence the public perception about an organization, individual or other entity over the Internet. It helps to drive positive review of public about a brand and its products and services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the business process for creating and distributing valuable content related to Brand & Services to attract, acquire, and engage targeted audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Cyber Laws

Cyber law is the part of the overall legal system over the Internet and its respective legal issues. Cyber law is Area of Law that deals with the Internet's relationship electronic elements, including computers, software, and hardware.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning is necessary for Digital Marketing of a Brand and its Products & Services, because it helps to take Right Decisions to Hit Success over the Internet. It Includes Social Plan Engagement Efforts, Analyzing, Measuring Conversions, Implement of SEO & many more.

Growth Hacking

Now a day’s Growth Hacking is playing an Important Role in Digital Marketing. Under this process an Organization or Entity can examine its all Marketing Channels to identify the most effective way to Grow Business, along with the focus on building and engaging Customers to their Products or Services.

Tool & Techniques for Online Business (Online Media Buying)

There are so many Important Tools are available over the Internet that can helps in Digital Marketing, ADMP will introduce to all the aspirants to such tools along with the using Techniques of them.


Most frequent questions and answers

Digital marketing involves marketing to people using Internet-connected electronic devices, namely computers, smartphones and tablets. Digital marketing focuses on channels such as search engines, social media, email, websites and apps to connect with prospects and customers.

Digital marketing has evolved to the point where an immense array of specialists consult with brands to develop effective strategies or implement programs. If you’re new to digital marketing, or lack experience or resources, you should consider engaging an experienced and versatile digital marketing consultant.

Blowing their own horn. Yes, of course, the primary goal of marketing is to create leads. However, in the age of digital media a brand-centric, salesy approach deflects interest in your company. Make your marketing customer-centric.

Second biggest mistake: Far too often, digital marketers start and stop. You need to contribute a steady flow of content to the channels you use.

Websites that go for long periods with no updates and new content are unlikely to perform well or support any useful digital marketing objectives. Though a static website technically qualifies as a website it’s bound to be more than a digital brochure that produces little or no leads.

Mobile phones are the most used technology in the world. Most of your prospects spend the majority of their media time—and hours—using a smartphone. Mobile marketing focuses on mobile strategies like messaging, mobile applications, and mobile websites. A brand that ignores mobile marketing is doomed. 

Email, social media, search and other elements of your digital marketing mix will depend on delivering useful content. Though video outlets, podcasts, and media galleries present other options, a blog is by far the most used tactic for distributing marketing content on a channel over which you have complete control.


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